Sonntag, 9. August 2009

Tomatoes Soup

Summer time is the best time to work in the kitchen with tomatoes. Their taste is very good and very aromatic, because they got power naturally from the sun and not from the glass house.

I tried to plan tomatoes this year, but unfortunately it was unsuccessful. So, for this soup I bought the tomatoes from the supermarkt..


Cold Tomatoes Soup:
1 kg tomatoes
1 tea spoon sugar
1 tea spoon salt
6 spoon white balsamic-vinegar
olive oil

Wash the tomatoes, chopp and blend them in the mixer. Add sugar, salt and pfeffer. Put it in the refrigerator. Before serving, stir soup well and add some olive oil. You can add some double cream or cream cheese if you like.

tomatoes soup

tomatoes soup

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