Montag, 16. Mai 2011

Samstag, 9. April 2011

Wenn I don't feel well...


This week was not my week. A lot of people get influenza, cough, sore throat. And I was one of them.
The whole week I could not speak (lucky you my honey baby

The doctor gave me a very strong antibiotic and the side effect was a diarrhea!!! It was terrible, I could not do anything, I was weak and bored at home!


A friend of mine suggested to drink this tea, traditional indonesian tea with ginger, lemon gras and honey. The taste is very good, it warms your throat and stomach.

What you need are:
ginger, cut in slices
lemon gras
boiled water

The method is very simple: put all the ingredients in the boiled water. Covered the pan. Let it 10 minutes or more. Then drink it as long as it warm.


Have a beautiful spring weekend, everybody!

Freitag, 1. April 2011

Welcome Spring 2011

welcome spring!

How happy I was, as I saw this tiny god's creature. Snow drops is the first spring message. This time they came out on time. As soon as the snow melt, they can't wait to show their beauty..

open your clothes..:-)

A few days later snow drops showed their "clothes", open their "wing" and you see the green "point" between their wing.

mini crocus

When snow drops started to wilt, it's time for crocus. I love this mini, tiny crocus. It looks like a little princess who is dainty but frail..:-)

yellow, like a sunshine.. narcissus

In the early evening, when the sun set, I shot this narcissus..the golden yellow color replaces the sunshine which just slowly has disappeared.

like the colour combination on this image

This kind of narcissus is one of my favorite. I like the colour combination on this image. Yess, spring is colorful, and it colours your life too!

tulip from supermarkt

Tulip has not yet bloom in Salzburg. But I needed also some colour and spring feeling inside the house. Meanwhile you can find tulip also in supermakt and it is quite cheap. They are already a week in the vase, and almost wilt.

I hope you can enjoy the pictures as much as I do and I wish you all a beautiful, colourful, warm spring!!